9k=Gary Mack, MAT/Special Ed. does the impossible. He captures the attention and excitement of young students, helping them develop skills while instilling a love of learning. Mr. Mack, or “The Mackgician,” has taught at The Rye Arts Center since 2006. His classes include: Minecraft, Creative Building, Digital Architecture, Engineering using LEGO/K’NEX, and numerous Computer Coding languages. His expertise and passion have been integral to the success of S.T.E.A.M education at The Rye Arts Center.

As an academic tutor at the Manhattanville College Disability Help Center, Mr. Mack is part of a dynamic and dedicated team that assists and mentors college students with a variety of learning styles and needs. This supportive environment prepares students for academic independence and success in meeting the challenges of higher learning .

Mr. Mack is a private tutor and advocate for students

with learning challenges.